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The NEW: "Daddy Cane"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally.."The Reveal"(& 'name change details..)

First, the typical but "atypical" view of me that a few of my fans like:
..and #NoShade, it's nice,"rubbin", "touchin", "munchin"? All goody; I am a confident Total Top and I will actively "enforce" that but always #encourage admirers..wink, wink..

Next? The name change with the "whys & wherefores" Although there has been so much speculation, it kills me how many gurlz won't just read; "reading is fundamental" ya
I'm now featured on hits in 2 weeks; THANK U REALLY 4 ALL the SUPPORT/HATE/CURIOSITY); regardless, as long as you're talking about me? I'm doing something right and makin Treasure Island a lil mula while I'm at it..#Winning. Yea, I know, u want the link:

I was originally the "Dark Monster", had my issues and injury(only time I will b bringing it back up); click "Archive" then click post: "I Almost Died"..that is IF u want the truth; if u wanna go with the abundance of "Sissy Stories"? #WorkItOut! For u lazy folk, here's a link to said post:

Real Talk...: I Almost Died!!

Another source for a lil truth is one of my "kidz" blogs, featured in the right hand column, "The Luckey Star"; link? #IGotChu:

So it's been discussed, rumored, lied about, speculated about and you now have all the sources to satisfy whatever your curiosity might need; some truth, some fiction but again, all about me...yay!! And yeah, I have "retaliated" with some comments of my own but that's only becuz I will NOT continue to be any part of "enabling" u messy gurlz and your messy ways..if u think I'm talking about u? #ProllyAm. #CatchItQween(s).

So let's set the record str8: since that episode where "I Almost Died", I'm good! I'm healed, everything works properly I've just been left with a "scar"; a "racing stripe" if u will of new, very pink not "bubble gum" as I've heard or "vitiligo" as you wonderful people have also incorrectly deduced, just brand spanking new skin(thank God for my HEALTHY immune system..#CatchIt Gurlz!). Now, because of the physical "change" in appearance and some other revelations and "journeys", I'm on, the name has been changed. I will say OnyxNY(see post: "The Onyx Blog"; once again, just click "Archive"); and once again for the lazies here's the link:

which is and was also a great influence in the renaming of my "friend" as part of my accepted role is "Daddy" enuf, u see the pictures, u've seen the video and here is exactly, although very random, how my thought process went and how my thoughts generally "go" thru my head; get ready:

"So...can't b "Dark Monster" anymore..what name, what name? Want "Daddy" before it, b nice to work that word in anyway(cuz hell, I'm def one of those); and btw, vury a stripe, what about "Stripe"...ah, neva a gremlin and an evil gremlin at that..."Barber Pole"; um no, not sexy in the least..LTM = Laughing To Myself...white stripe, what's striped and good..I know: "Candy Cane" and I am considered a "red bone" and often mistaken for Dominican(beautiful, sexy peeps so I don't care)...oop, real "Yuletidy" and "female exotic dancer sounding"(#NoShade to female dancers...#wuv em)..just "Cane"...boring...I got it: "Daddy Cane"..and I'mma b sure and spell it with a "C" so no hip hop legend past or present decides to sue or that they can I've got it, #dun":

"Daddy Cane"

So wow, u just got a luk in my head and a full view of my "other head"...scary sometimes, but all me and I own it!! So, keep talking, keep the rumors going...whatever. As my Grandma says: "They talked about Jesus and you are certainly no better than He". #Truth. I don't care what is said; I KNOW the truth; I lived and am living it..hate me, love me or fall somewhere "inbetween" regardless? I've said it before: I AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE!! Least not by any of your or my plans; however, when the Creator decides? #DunDeal. But that would've been with or without the "racing stripe"...#RealTalk.

Comment babies...question...voice your concerns but u gots to know me by now:
Man first, everything else second..and? I gives what I gets; respect begats respect..disrespect? Figure it out!!

Alwyz kepn it xexi,

The Rock's Rhetoric:
"Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake"..#NuffSaid..or maybe even: #Plop!!


  1. As always, I am entertained and enlightened...Thanks Daddy for the update! Happy all is GOOD again!

  2. Wow I thought i was the only one who suffered injury and prevailing from my recovery a shining new star. I will go into more details on my blog soon but there is a blurb posted about the traumatic ordeal i suffered. I too am thinking of changing my name but haven't cum up with a suitable replacement... all in due time. Congrats on ur return...
    Much luv papi

  3. Anonymous13.4.12

    I'm proud to say that I was with you through part of the journey you shared. Stating what you have just once again proves (if proof was necessary) that you are much more than the sum of your incredible body parts. I'm honored to be counted among your true friends. Since I've known you, you've always kept it real. Much love and respect "Daddy Cane".


  4. People will talk regardless u do right or wrong but the most importan thing is always be urself and keep ur head up .you got the support of those we believe in u and we support u .so keep the good work best wishes and many blessings.

  5. People always will talk regardless u do right or wrong but doesn't really matter coz the most important thing is that u always have to be u and keep ur head up.u will always gonna have the support of those we believe in u and like ur work so keep it up .. Best wishes and many blessings./

  6. Posted from a fan; "DRex"

    Mr. Rock:

    Just happened onto your blog & I greatly enjoyed it. Quite the eye-opener. I look forward to much, much more. I'm sure you won't disappoint.

  7. BTW, where, how did you learn to communicate so well--I'm talking about when we've gotten into politics and stuff? Your conversational abilities are in the same heights as your body. Very truly amazing. Ha dat happen? Kidding, but I am curious. RT.
    PS, you know, I have a whole repertoire of hugs, and I'm trying to figure out exactly the best one for you.


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