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The NEW: "Daddy Cane"

Monday, May 14, 2012

And yes, if it's not obvious, one of the featured models is me, Ian Rock a.k.a. "Daddy Cane"
Here is a link to check out the prevue: And if interested in purchasing, and why wouldn't u, here is a link to do just that!! So..."HURRY UP and BUY!"(Wayans brother movie reference; some of u will get it, some won'
I must say, right now it was great working, once again with Max Sohl and Adam Hunter and all the folk at Treasure Island Media. I have so far done an oral scene for them, featured on"Christian & Ian") and now, this DVD release!! Look out soon for more from Treasure Island and myself and please, feel free to comment here, the various Treasure Island websites, or if u got that "inside track", to Max and/or Adam themselves!! So there is NO confusion(altho some of the "Qweenz" will come to and/or "make up" their own conclusions), I am NOT nor have I ever nor do I ever intend to do "raw" porn. That being said, let me once again state: I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AGAINST OR ANY JUDGEMENT AGAINST THOSE PORN ACTORS THAT DO "RAW" PORN AND/OR TREASURE ISLAND OR ANY OTHER "RAW" COMPANY!! (Make your paper men!! #RealTalk) This is a personal choice I have made for a variety of reasons but as my two latest releases for Treasure Island have shown, there is SO MUCH more to man-on-man(or fun than just penetration! Expand your horizons and to borrow a quote from Treasure Island: "For a true cocksucker, his mouth is an extension of the cock he's worshiping. The cock and the mouth are two parts of a perfect male sex organ, each incomplete without the other. Connecting mouth and cock is the essential step, a basic fact of life for a man---like breathing and eating, a man has to suck or be sucked. It's a basic necessity, a male human right. And because it's a necessity, it's political. Hence SUCK DICK / SAVE THE WORLD." #NuffSaid. #Enjoy errybody! Please tell a friend where u've been and encourage them to check out my blog and all the work I'm making an effort to do in this oh-so-small, "World of Adult Male Porn"; encourage them also to "join" and/or "follow by email"; and, if anyone of you are reading this and you are NOT a member of this blog? Um....WHY THE HELL NOT?? I know it's not A4A, or Recon or any of those other wonderful outlets we "controversial" men have for making friends and/or making connections, but it's a slight alternative that from time to time, offers a little knowledge, a little insight and hopefully enlightens folk that some of us "adult models", "porn actors" or whatever term u may wanna use, actually have a brain cell or two and a wide range of subjects we'd like to share, to discuss, to bring to the forefront...feel me? I know you should if you don't already! Comments, questions, concerns as usual always welcome!!
Alwayz kepn it xexi! Ian Rock a.k.a. Daddy Cane "The Rock's Rhetoric": "I love it when you give me head hate it when you give me headaches."


  1. Anonymous14.5.12

    Congratulations as I have already stated....

  2. nice, where can i get the video?

    1. Re read the above post; I provided links to: view the preview AND to purchase the video.


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