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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey GOOD and FAITHFUL's me:
Mr. "Alwayz Keepin' it Xexi",

Ian Rock!!

I know it seems like I have just forgotten you guys, but I assure you, I couldn't and wouldn't ever forget you...the supporters, the fans, the friends and associates who have me and Aarin Driver become...nothing more just:

We've both been quietly working hard on projects individually and jointly.

This is the new and improved blog which will be updated weekly and sometimes even more often than that...promise!!

Now, I gotta' cover one negative issue:
The closing of said violin and piano music...
Simply put? This was due in part to a misunderstanding with content and an over zealous "assistant"(oh, who am I fooling, "minion" who tried just too hard) and the "ill" hosting and difficulty in communications with the so-called webmasters.
To all my members that supported me there: a very sincere apology and the promise of a more user friendly, higher quality, more reliable, content packed and yes...XEXI website very, very soon to launch!!

Now to more positive stuff:
I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your letters of support sent to the various directors, producers, film makers and websites. I am truly overwhelmed by the amount of support I and Aarin have received from you guys; love it!!
I want to encourage you to continue to write and email, not so much just for my or Aarin's benefits, but because it's YOU who not only insure the success and sustainability of myself and Aarin, but YOU also insure the success of the various websites, and film makers, etc. because YOU as the buying public wield all the power!! If you didn't know that already...
Interestingly enough, they really do listen and read what you have to say and yes, even take it into account.
Many of you ask me, "why don't we see more of you" or "why aren't you being hired all the time"; part of that is because it's hard for minority models/actors in this business to get the work, the pay and the respect deserved..but as I've professed before, I will not use that as an excuse to not strive to do and be the best..ever!! But still guys, need your help and your input...feel me?

Now this has been a long blog, but know many new things are occurring as we speak:

A total revamp of the Yahoo Group:

A brand new escort site for myself:

A revamped and improved escort site for Aarin

My official invitation for you to follow me on Twitter:

A brand new, innovative and exciting website coming soon…

And many more new sites and many more new happenings and specials coming soon!!

Also, please visit Aarin’s port on Model Mayhem…


My port IIAANN, on Model Mayhem

Now, new tradition…I’m gonna always end my blog with what we will call:

The Rock’s Rhetoric

..a few inspirational words, words to think about…some u’ve heard, some u haven’t, some original, even some biblical but always applicable; but always words to apply today, this moment to your life. So here’s the first:

I am defeated and know it, when I meet someone from whom I can learn nothing.

As always, I welcome your words, your comments, your concerns, your questions, your thoughts…don’t b shy…wanna hear from U…really!!

Alwayz kepn it XEXI,

Ian Rock


  1. hi, im a huge fan! just wanted to know if you ever did straight porn? and if so where i can find it?

  2. Hey Mario...sorry, I'm just getting this.
    The long and short answer to your question is NO. Straight porn to be quite honest with you pays "dick"; only females make the big bucks and the process to get to "stardom" like a Ron Jeremy, is much too difficult.
    I don't do porn just for the money, but it is definately a consideration.
    I appreciate the love and support man and please, keep your comments, questions and feedback coming.
    Tell a friend where you been.
    Alwayz kepn it xexi!!

  3. Anonymous11.11.10

    I have a real crush on you and I can be your ride or die "chick". If you want to call me--let me know and I can give you my number or if you want me to I can get urs. Hit me up when u get this.

  4. Well said..I am exactly looking for the same post that I have got at your blog, I am not sure if someone can let me know, is their any way to book Escort Barcelona or may be one in Escort Madrid , please help


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