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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sup People...

...people, I'm still here. Had a series of setbacks from family issues, to business just some fake folk...but it's all 2 the good am I'm still standing.
The good part is, in the coming weeks, Imma share all that and more with you.
I gotta lotta things going on to catch u up on, while being silly ole photo shoots, IML 2010 here in Chicago over Memorial Day; Pride "week" basically with parade and then Black Pride followed all from last week of June thru the Hot as Hades, but nice and great for it!!
Oh, and The legendary Taste of Chicago going on all week while that happened...
New photo shoot in North Carolina with a very talented photographer....(pics of course coming)..
Photo shoot coming up for 'coffee' table book...
Participant/one of the models/actors interviewed for the new book: Rising Starz...check it out; give away book coming soon!!

New audition pics coming out of both Aarin Driver and myself, Ian Rock...
Website def in the works...just good stuff...and like I said, some not good stuff, but we'll get to

So Imma see you guys all week, and blog you to death, but as usual I want comments, and questions, and feedback...feel me? That's how a real blog works and I am interested in what you the buying consumer, the public have to say about adult entertainment.

Alwayz kepn it xexi!!
Ian Rock


  1. glad to see you back. looking forward to seeing all the great things you have to offer...much respect

  2. Thank you Pisces Frk; I appreciate how quickly you actually did read and support me. Again, tell a friend where u been...word of mouth is what it takes.
    Make sure u check out all the links listed at the end of the blog as I'm in the process today of updating each and every one.
    Again, much love
    Alwayz kepn it xexi!!


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