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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Little "Brain" wit "Da Sexy"..FEEL ME?

So here goes: I am attempting to show that in addition to my "adult escapades", there actually resides within my sizeable head (um, I can say that but don't come 4 me n e body else!! Dammit!)a pretty "wrinkly brain"...#CatchIt. This post and the one following, will be more on the really #RealTalk tip and I so encourage, everyone who follows, to please share this with friends and family, hell...even enemies as I think there is no more important and serious issue facing us then this! Notwithstanding, the "do or die" date is only 14 days away!! Very simply: VOTE!! Did you hear me? I am sick and tired of "my peoples" and you know exactly who u r, rejecting this privilege that many of our ancestors fought and died for. The attitude of "my vote doesn't won't make a difference" is not only ignorant (yup..said it) but narrow minded and very selfish. WE ARE NOT A NATION THAT SAYS: 'DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL'; WE ARE A NATION THAT SAYS: 'OUT OF MANY, WE ARE ONE'...BARACK OBAMA; 9/20/11 DADT IS HISTORY...PRAISE GOD! Now, although I should NOT endorse or even recommend who/whom (always missed that question in English/Grammar you SHOULD vote 4, but let's #breakitondown: 1. Clinton was impeached for lying; about an issue, that I personally think was on him and Hillary to deal with. At each debate and to this day, Romney lies, as my Grandmother would say, "Quicker than a cat licks its ass". 2. If your are any shade darker than white, make less than 250k/yr, are a woman, are gay/bisexual/trangender\questioning or simply "CONTROVERSIAL" like me? The party u are identifying with/affiliated with, should not matter. Use common sense...although I'm finding each day, "sense" ain't common. 3. Out of his mouth he said what he meant about 47% of Americans. 4. He has zero foreign policy experience and his running mate, who to me looks like a "surprised Pinnochio", want to make and enemy of the most powerful nation on this planet, China. Say what u will but this one is just a practical matter; FACT: ALL u "APPLEHEDS"? ALL those parts come from China. A trade war with China and a childissh name calling game is NOT the answer. 5. He has no detailed or concrete plans; it's all these "magic beans" (Planned Parenthood Funding, Welfare, Food Stamps, HASA(here in NYC), affordable housing programs and education that will and must the math. 6. He wants to spend more money on the military after we just fought 2 wars on a credit card and the military doesn't even need the spending. As Obama clearly put it: we don't use bayonets and muskets anymore, that money can be focused on building up home instead of keeping our nose in other folks business. God love em, but if Syria or Libya or whatever is too much? MOVE. 7. He wants to impose his will upon women's bodies and tell them they cannot do what they want to do (abortion) according to their situations, when it comes to birthing children. (I personally believe like Joe Biden, life starts at conception; however, I cannot/will not/should not impose my beliefs upon others...say it with me: DICTATORSHIP.. 8. Had he been president already, Osama Bin Laden would still live and as someone who lives in NYC, that is both a slap in the face of victims and survivors and shows clearly, CLEARLY he has the emotions and caring of a shoelace! 9. His healthcare plan DOES NOT cover existing conditions and um as Obama told McCain: You've had 30 years in Congress to fix the health care system in America yet you've done nothing; at least, I'm doing something. 10.He thinks the Arizona plan of "RACIAL PROFILING" is a "model" for the rest of the country...really? Now, lets be clear, Obama had NOT been perfect(Chitown homie and all that) but he's accomplished so much in 4 years that took 8+ to fcuk up!! Can u tell I'm passionate about this? It's not about Democrat/Republican/'s about again: COMMON SENSE! Use it or lose it. That goes for your vote, your voice...all the advantages although small that we've gained since the "Idiot" (Bush) and the tyrant (Cheney) left office. Your brain is MORE than just a hat rack; it's more than just used to keep your ears's to be used and don't let FOX or even CNN be your "goto" spot for knowledge. Read, use the internet for more than to get some ass, dick, pussy, or a good deal on Craig's's a wonderful tool and in keeping with that: Each and every one of you Google "Iran is NOT The Problem"; open your eyes...think for yourselves and remember had Obama not taken office, a lot more of us would've been jobless, homeless, penniless...FACT. Now, I better get some intelligent convo from this damn post. Each day, me included, we "Tweet"; "Facebook" and "Instagram" about the silliest shit...take those same social media outlets and share knowledge, share truth and lets do our damndest to keep this country headed the correct way vs being an elitest, arrogant, pretentious, "holier than thou" piece of stolen land from the Indian and Mexicans...yes...I fcukin said it!! Niceties and flowers and sunshine ain't cutting it... Plain and simple: WAKE THE FCUK UP!! I can say or do no more. But just like you would get up early to go stand in line for Nicki Minaj or Beyonce (#NoShade to either of them)? Get your ass up, out and VOTE...and please God, make the right and informed choice...think of more than just you, of more than just your issues and world..u live here with billions of other people and to ignore the "bigger picture" only makes you one of the losers!! Alwyz kepn it xexi and this time? REALLY REAL, Ian Rock aka Daddy Cane Rock's Rhetoric: Remember, anyone can love you when the sun is shining. It is in the storms where you learn who truly cares for you.


  1. Anonymous24.10.12

    Just wanted to say from my perspective, you have really analyzed and shared the truth about the current situation and the REAL views of the presidential contenders. In all my years I have never seen a person who lies and says whatever he feels he needs to say, just to get a vote. It's not only a matter of limited intellect and elitism, it's a matter of CHARACTER. This man has no integrity! Thanks, IIaan (aka Daddy Cane) for using this platform to speak truth to those who may not hear it elsewhere. Love you, man! Gene

  2. Romney might have *looked* presidential, but I, like many others had hoped & prayed that no one believed his hype. The man couldn't commit to a single issue or opinion. He constantly changed his mind and said what he thought people wanted to hear. That's a mad dangerous way to be, AND a wish-washy quality in a (so-called)leader.
    The only time he told the truth,was when it was secretly caught on tape saying how he REALLY felt about "47%" of this country.

    Meanwhile, I think the Nation got it right. The Republicans wanted our elected leader to fail & many of them predicted he would. WRONG! Barack Hussein Obama, our President was rightfully given a second chance to do the job assigned to him by the AMERICAN people... and also, he becomes not only the First Black President, but the First Black Re-elected President!

    God Bless him... because being the Leader of The Free World ain't no joke!

    Nice blog.

    One Love.


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