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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Almost Died!!

So...did that title blow you away? It was meant to and it's the truth!! Now let me say:
"Ya don't have to be a sissy to be messy!!"
(We'll get to what that means real soon..)

Now, contrary to things I read on various sites and contrary to "lil messy folk" who've written things "anonymously"(guess cuz they ain't man/men enuff to let you put a face to the ignorance), I did not "almost die" from "The Package" otherwise known as HIV/Aids. So that should be crystal clear!! No more speculation, no more of u "gurls" and you know who u r, talking yo sh*t!

Very simply, I contracted(from an unskilled giver of head) the flesh eating bacteria...yup, you heard right; so I reiterate that "sucking of the dick", "rappin on the mike", however you want to term it is a lost art and needs some diligent practice!! It simply took this individual's teeth to scrape, not cut, but "scrape" me and the space of about 4 minutes, I was afflicted! Now I could go into the gory details but I'm going to give you guys the "reader's digest" version(that means the abridged version). Here goes:
The flesh eating virus is a mutation of plain ole Strep Throat; people who have it have NO symptoms nor do they exhibit any outward signs. It is NOT a STD. A fact that most people don't realize is that other than the "flesh eating" part, once it enters your blood stream, it begins to shut down your major organs. When I was admitted to the hospital with this affliction, my kidneys were on their way to "shutting down". I was hospitalized for 21 days and have long lasting effects from this infection("racin' stripe on my dick where the dead skin was removed and kidney disease) but...when I left the hospital, I left with the diagnosis of "zero infection".
This affliction has taught me so many things; in no particular order:
1. Everyone who says they are your friend? Is NOT....I think this was the most important thing I learned.
2. People who cannot suck dick? Shouldn't and when the teeth scrape the FIRST time, stop 'em!!
3. Nothing is promised, nothing; not the next day or even the next minute; catch it!
4. God controls all; you are in control of mo' gin: GOD CONTROLS ALL; YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF NOTHING!

Now, as most of you know, it's been awhile since I've posted any kind of blog; that now changes. I am on my new business(massage/personal training), I am actively modeling and now that I'm in the Big Apple, I have even more opportunity for that, and I am more appreciative than ever of my TRUE friends(u know who u r, just like those who have NOT been my friends, know who they are).
So...look for more posts, more insights, more everything from Ian Rock!! Look for more honesty, more realness, more of ME!! U can't handle that? Don't read, move country; but please remember, friend and foe alike, I'm a man first and everything else second!
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I am here; despite alot of your wishes, I ain't goin nowhere...God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!

Much Wuv, people.
Ian Rock

You can't tell everybody everything God is doing for you; it'll seem like you're bragging. Instead, let them just sit back and watch!!


  1. sorry to hear about your situation. as you well know the gay and adult industries are full of negative people who love to talk trash about each other and smile in your face. dont take the gossip that you had catch the bug seriously. that is the first thing people say if you are reported in the hospital or out of action. we must all learn the lesson that some of friends are not friends at all but jealous and envious. of what you got. do take care of yourself and your body and spirit as well. when will we see you in your next movie?

  2. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing this! I am honored to have read this post. I am happy that you made it through this ordeal. I am excited about more posts from you.

    Peace and love!

  3. WOW!!! What an experience! I'm very relieved to know that you're ok. Most people don't got a second chance, but God decided to keep you here with us so that means he isn't done with you yet. I can't wait to read more posts and see what the future holds for you. I know it will be good.

    Stay Blessed

  4. from Smoove25
    to Ian Rock
    date Sat, May 14, 2011 at 10:54 PM
    subject Post

    Wow! Just read your post & had no idea you were that sick. I'm SO GLAD YOU DIDN'T DIE!! I know we don't know each other personally(hopefully that'll change-lol) but I don't wish anything bad towards to you. I'm a big fan & I wish you much success in your endeavors. Much love Daddy!!

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  5. from Goldnflash
    date Sun, May 8, 2011 at 8:42 PM
    subject Re: I Almost Died...

    Good Evening Sir, just read your blog entry.

    So glad that you are still here in the land of the living and hopefully, recovering well. I have been a fan of your work for a little while, you have a beautiful body & actually seem to have a beautiful spirit, as it shines through your words etc.

    Be Blessed, strong, and keep your head up.

    mlm (DC)

  6. Wow! Just read your blog post from March man. Sorry you had to go through that but glad you made it through and stronger. Much luv
    Direct message sent by Mr. Big Dick (@vitaMANDINGO) to you (@IIAANN3000) on May 20, 9:56 PM.

  7. Glad to see you're ok, mister!! All the best!

  8. cool. nice dick. i know,i'm a jerk. came here fromyour TIMSuck post good luck men are jerks becaue you have what they want.

  9. Ian, I'm so glad you survived such a tramatic experience. You are still beautiful, both outside and inside. Also, I'm really diggin' the new short hair. It's outta sight!

  10. Sorry to hear bout your condition but glad you turned it around and used it to gain some life affirming wisdom. Check my blog and page. Would love to do a shoot with you. Peace

  11. I am sorry th here your horrific situation, may god be the glory , that u got threw and as I read it, It made u a better man, and that u was very, humble, u see things in differently, if no one said they love u today, I do and so do I.


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