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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Been A Minute...

I know, I know...but been caught up this summer!! Adapting, again to NYC..lovin it and the "love" I'm receiving here. Helps that I came from Chi, IL(in my opinion, closest thing to NYC in this country; but of course there's only one Big Apple). And it helps that I lived here long a land far, far away!!

I want to start this post by saying I really was and still am overwhelmed by the response I received from my post: "I Almost Died". The outpouring of love and concern really touched me and made/makes me feel more like a real person and not just some porn persona or model; that fact? Very important to me and very appreciated.

I must also say, I got a lot of "hate" and even some folks and so-called friends, questioning my validity and calling themselves "inspectors" when no one asked them to be or needed them to be. Some of them still adhered to the "messiness" by doing all kinds of bogush shit; i.e. forwarding the text/email I sent to people in malicious ways, questioning me without validating their facts or simply talking more shit...
To all of those people, and u know who u r? Fuck u with a big ole horse penis!! And not in a good way!! Real talk.
It amazes me how people like to jump to their own conclusions or take misinformation or half information or even no information and try to comment, question or even validate their ignorance. God bless u all because evidently, you need it bad!! As you'll notice, I'm not mentioning their names because I refuse to give any energy to their immaturity, 2-facededness(I know, not a word, but it makes a point) and overall messy conduct. So if you're reading this particular passage and think I'm talking to you? I probably am and it's your guilt that makes you recognize yourself in my words. Deal with it Byatches!!

On another tip, I've experienced a lot this summer. I've made some really great new and important friends and some new "enemies". I've had certain people who have said they are my friends show me their real selves(not the "representative" they sent at first) and they have been cut out completely of my life! The self righteous, pretentious and hypocritical assholes can go way and do it now!! Again, if you think I'm talking to you, I prolly am...As Damito Jo aptly put it: "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you, don't u, don't u" her!!
I'd also like to take this time to point out certain old and new friends who have really stood out as true friends in more than just word but thru deed and real concern:
Chicago, IL:
Aarin D(my kat, my boy always); Vic R(invaluable help to me to this very day); Wrigley(my bro, my dude and some1 who just calls to chek in...refreshing); Mr. Marthol(surprised hungh? But I've always admired your spunk, your candor, your opinion; even tho I don't agree with it most of the; Rick(surprised hungh?); Will(uve handled a lot and you've impressed me with your strength and; Jennifer and Kym(2 very genuine souls who've shown me what "genuine" really means even tho we met, thru some1 else!); B. Powell(sumtimes I wanna punch you, but u kno, I wuv u much!); Forrest(accepting, kul and the biological bro of my "closest" friend; thanks 4 bein real w/me all the time); BigDave(nuff said baby..u know u gots my luv); DaveM(best friend of 1 of my ex's and true Janet fan..almost as much as me, and one helluva barber; wuv u!); Rob(do I have 2 say n e thing? U've always got my heart!)

Atlanta, Ga:
"Blackman"(big baby..much wuv always; the true example of what a best friend can and should be); JayB(surprise again; we've had our ups and downs but u've always given me respect and love)

Nandito(damn, invaluable, caring..was there when absolutely no one else was and is still there; my LIL PA...Shawty; Uncle Richard(fellow member and VP of OnyxNE and my new "Unc" u!); Doc(OnyxNE President;hey big bro!); SirAquarius(OnyxNE Secretary/Treasurer; wow..intense, professional...sometimes nerve racking but cud not have anybody else backing me up with the same zest and enthusiasm); Egypt(OnyxNE member and new personal training client,my friend in "mess" mess, but mess; thank you baby boy); BigCody(beautiful rooftop; beautiful boy, physically and otherwise..wuv u!); OnyxNE(the whole damn group; brotherhood at it's finest);Kenni(big ole dark sexy ass..);Joe(yeah u too baby; and when I was in the hospital, "almost dying" brought me any and everything I could want and; Jose(big ole sexy Puerto Rican who I lost touch with, but have found again; so glad); Jim(my fellow underwear lover..thanks 4 all the advice and 4 being u); Dunkin(respect, respect, respect..all I can say baby!)

Gene(wow man, what can I say, luv u)

Laneil(not the most punctual person, but always comes thru in the pinch)

North Carolina:
Curtis(photographer, friend, confidant)

"Luigi"(if I admire and/or aspire to be n e one, it's this man...much luv, Venezuelan hottie!!); RicanKing(u've been there, you're still there and love your "skills"

Los Angeles:
AaronR(big baby, big sexy, my friend and kindred soul; thanx man just 4 being u)

Please understand, there are more folks I love and who I know love me, but had to give these few people the "nod" as without their various "nods", I prolly wouldn't have made it!

So, enuf of the mushy start a Tumbler Page today and will provide the link; its gonna include all the pics from the various "adventures" I've had so far in The Big Apple this summer; it's not complete because summer is not complete, but I think you'll like it.

As always I welcome your comments and questions but...keep it cute bcuz anybody who knows me, knows I give what I get and that ain't always a good thing!
So gotta go; gonna work on the Tumbler and will post link here and on Twitter(iiaann3000) as soon as possible.
As alwayz, I'mma do my best to keep it sexy and if in the NYC area and you need a masseur and/or personal trainer? I'm your man!! Results are guaranteed!
Masseur/Personal Training Website:

"Rock's Rhetoric":
God don't love ugly; and he ain't crazy about pretty..feel me?


  1. I don't know why my comment didn't show up last time, but just wanted to let you know you have a lot of support out here. Glad to see you were able to come through the tough spots and see who really is there for you. Looking forward to great things from you!

  2. Wassup brotha! Glad to see all is well with you. As for the haters, some people are just asses, and you know what to do with an ass! Hope to see you next time I'm in NYC.

  3. My friend, my friend, my friend...You just brought tears to my eyes!!! You just don't know how much you mean to me and the love and respect you have from me.
    God truly knows how to expose, dispose and repose all things in the appropriate timing...
    Love you much man and trust me (because we both know) It only gets better with time and we get better as we mature (I ain't going to say older..LOL)...

    Love ya for life,

  4. hey man it's funny that we never met before in person, but it's great to be in contact through our lil buddy. Glad that i found you here and thanks for the positive comment you made on the interview i did. I gotta tell you man i used to collect images of you online and now here we are having both worked for MF and in the same industry. Much love to you pa. keep doing what you doing


    that RC stand for RasConrad aka JIGGYMANN


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