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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Beginnings, Fresh Ideas!

Gonna start out the new year and a new post with something a little different. I think I've mentioned many times before that the unwavering and constant support I receive from my fans/friends is nothing short of amazing..#RealTalk.
In keeping with that thought, I decided to make the first post of the new year, something special, something different and something unexpected. This post was created by one of those "amazing fans" I just spoke of and I've decided to feature it here; link:

Beautifully composed and tastefully created, it is just one of many examples of the love and support I receive on a constant basis. I hope each of you will enjoy the read and appreciate at least as much as I do the creativity and genuine emotion that so evidently shines in the thoughts and words presented.
Jeremy? New "lilbro"? I love you, and I appreciate you. I take none of my fans, friends or the love and support I receive for granted. I am fully aware that whatever recognition, adulation or success I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy comes from the people who care; people just like you!
So, as usual, I invite your comments, questions and concerns on this post or any other as you may see fit..but know, I ain't changed; keep it cute, keep it respectful or suffer the consequences..'nuff said!
Tell a friend where you been; feel free to repost, pass on, etc. this post, this blog to any and everybody in your circle and remember: you can also "follow" my blog by simply clicking the "FOLLOW" option at the top or in the right margin of this blog. Simply use your Google, Twitter or FaceBook account info to sign up; it's totally free and quick and easy to do so make it happen people!
Again to all Happy 2012; make it the best year yet!
Alwayz kepn it xexi!

The "Rock's Rhetoric(1st of the new year):
"Don't leave someone "good" to see if you can find "better", because once you realize that "good" you had was the "best"? The "best" has found "better"!


  1. Anonymous3.1.12

    Truly a glowing review. I was actually abloe to see that scene this weekend and was just as enamored with it. Thought considering our own convo's I would expect nothing least from you. ;)Thank you for always keeping it real.

  2. I just wanted to say, You are a hot and very intelligent guy. Like your blogs, pictures, and videos. I am pretty much sure you get tons of fan-mail and letters. But I wanted to take time to say you are awesome dude. Though you are famous for your dick, your blogs and following you when you talk makes me know you are very smart and worth more than a quick fix.

    So, I hope you get this and read it. Because I think you are great, inside and out man...Keep up the great work and maybe you can respond in your free time and we could become acquaintances.

    (This comment was posted by me, Ian on behalf of 1 of those very same wonderful, and loyal peeps I speak of in my blog and on Twitter..Much #Wuv)


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