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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hey babies!! ShortNSweet UPDATE BLOG:

NEW PHOTO SHOOT; samples here but more pics posted on my Model Mayhem page(link located at bottom of this blog); chek it out!! Very different for me with clothes designed specifically for me and the shoot, lighting, staging, the whole "production"; very 'avante garde' but I am more than happy with the results. All completed by a very, very talented photographer, Aaron Cobbett with a spacious and well equipped, comfortable studio on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


Next let me re-emphasize a point/fact made:

I am the Executive Asst/Casting Consultant - American Division for Planta Rosa Productions(which most of you know as Macho Fucker);

the American Division includes of course, the Americas, Canada, Mexico and the Carribean. If you are interested in modeling for Planta Rosa, please feel free to submit an email to:


Please include, name and all your contact information. This is a process, so you will receive a return email if you fit our criteria and it will include the application and items we will require from you, the potential model/performer.
Now for those of you who ARE thinking of applying, fully familiarize yourself with the PlantaRosa/MachoFucker "brand" and website; this will give you a basic of idea of the type of "tops" and "bottoms" we are in search of; note: we do NOT hire "versatile" performers.
Hope to hear from quite a few of u!!

Finally, the revealing/unveiling, with reasoning behind the name change, of my "Other Head" will be coming very soon!! As I've eluded I've done some more video work for a very well known studio but will keep it on "da lo" for the moment. U will be notified when it is released and where u can catch a peek!!!

So see? That was damn short for my chatty ass(um, don't need anyone agreeing). As usual, I invite comment, questions, feedback and always ask u to realize "I gives what I get"; intelligence begats intelligence; ignorance? Must I go on? Smile Peoples!!

Alwyz kepn it xexi!

Rock's Rhetoric:
"Sorrows keep you human. Life keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing, but ONLY God keeps you going."


  1. Great work, as usual you take great shots

  2. Beautiful shots. Admire your work. Good luck in your new venture and keep us updated.


  3. You're Pure B E A U T Y . i think im in ♥ . beauty with age

  4. Mr. Rock:

    Just happened onto your blog & I greatly enjoyed it. Quite the eye-opener. I look forward to much, much more. I'm sure you won't disappoint.

  5. Anonymous3.6.12

    i send a e-mail for you

  6. Very good post ! (My blogs : GayWankers and GayPornCum).


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