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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

Wanted to share said "breath" with you guys. I have used the "copy & paste" function with zero editing. The email I received is as follows:
(Please note, I have taken off the author's personal information so as to respect his privacy.)

"I Personally Do Not Like You and Here is Why:

1.. u r 44 or 45 and u look great..can tell u put time in the gym and it shows..if I looked like the people who hate on u shit I would hate on u too...

2. U don't do more porn...I can tell u that u played a huge part..imo..why I started watchin black men in porn again...u know back in the day the katz that were representing us had the perm and jeri curl that didn't take...very feminine... (oh yea ditch the dreds...u farrrrrrrr more tight wit the fade...

3. U from the best city in america...luv the in the chi is off the chain..would luv 2 come to the chi and get a long sweaty work out would b cool 2 but we both tops...we share simuliar traits...same complexion....both muscular (my abs haven't came in yet but at 10% bf at 41 y.o. u tell me...both tops...both very hung...and u seem cool..

So that's why I don't like strong bruh and do what u have 2 do for u to be fulfilled....let them hate...people gonna talk about u anyway so fuck it"

What was funny about receiving this communication is that I started to not even open it thinking that per usual, it was just more "hate" more jealousy; I am very glad I was wrong. Since receiving this, the author and I have exchanged further emails, further communications and ideas; I enjoy his sincerity, his encouragement. I've only ever desired to be more than just a "porn model"(again do NOT consider myself a "porn star" as there are precious few of those); I am more than my endowment, I am more than the projects I've done or that I will do. I have a brain, I have an outlook and a view that I think is valid and can be of help to others whether they are interested in the porn field or no. So again, just wanted to share the "positive" with you guys still encouraging comments and questions.
Please understand I appreciate the positive feed back I receive; I only ask that you guys take the time to put that positive feedback here, under the "comments" section that is included after each blog; your anticipated cooperation is appreciated!!

Finally, a lot of communications I receive continually ask me: "What are you doing these days/what are you up to?" To all of you who ask that question, I say as I've always said:
FOLLOW/JOIN THIS BLOG!! Very zimple, very ez!! Simply click "join this site" in the right hand column and/or scroll to the bottom of this blog and under the links click the option: "follow by email". It's free, it's fast and you will then always know what I'm up to, what my plans are and what I may have in store. Also, please pass this blog link on to others so they too may keep up with the infamous, "Ian Rock".

Got so much coming up fellas from still photo shoots to yes....some new clips/flicks I've been filming of late. Be one of the first to know what's up, when it's up; it simply takes a few seconds of your time and I think you will NOT be disappointed. The photo featured below, is an example of:
"what I've been up to"

...of late; my latest photo shoot with a very talented and well known photographer, Aaron Cobbett. I will be featuring all of his work very soon on my Model Mayhem page(link located at bottom of this blog should you be interested) and have many more "irons in the fire" which will very soon produce more "results" for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Of major importance is that I am starting a new position of which I'm very excited about with Planta Rosa Productions which some of you know better as Macho Fucker.
My official title is as follows:


The main function of this position(although there are other important responsibilities as well) is to recruit/find/groom would-be performers for Planta Rosa Productions/Macho Fucker. So please, if you think you have what it takes to be a performer, get in touch; I will include the contact information you will need to "apply"; c'mon fellaz, don't be shy!! Here is a great opportunity with as far as I know, the best paying(very important) and right now, top rated company in the biz, to realize a dream, fulfill a fantasy or just to expand your horizons and get paid, WELL!! PLEASE familiarize yourself with the "Macho Fucker" brand and website so as to know what exactly will be expected of you as a performer. Very simply, TOPS: aggressive, verbal, dominant, to get and stay fully erect; general class, maturity and of course, a desire to entertain and show off. BOTTOMS: aggressive, submissive, masculine, able to to take/handle whatever top is presented to you with enthusiasm and real enjoyment and again, the desire to show off and fully entertain.
**Also of note: Planta Rosa Productions/Macho Fucker does NOT hire performers who wish to be "versatile"(regardless to what you may do or "be" in your everyday life; u MUST pick one or the other, Top/Bottom, as we will need your full concentration and dedication to the "position" you select; this is also one of the main factors that distinguish our company from others.**

If interested, please get in contact with me using one of the two methods below:
Official Email:
Business Phone: 347.961.0408
**Understand, although I am based in NYC, you do NOT have live in NYC to apply or to be considered; I am again the Casting Consultant for the whole of America and any worthy candidate will be considered regardless of your physical location. Hope to hear from quite a few of you really soon.

As usual, I encourage all comments, questions, concerns...discussion, ADULT discussion is always healthy, welcome and enjoyed.

Alwyz kepn it xexi!

Rock's Rhetoric:
"Some people are like clouds; when they disappear, it's a much brighter day!"


  1. Anonymous29.2.12

    Love everything you do. Your talent, intelligence, and whit has brought you far and taking you to where you want to go. Congrats on everything and cant wait to see more of "IAN ROCK." Love Kendall!

  2. Man, you are one wonderful, beautiful individual. Haters gonna hate!
    And congrats on the Planta Rosa job!

  3. Your are the rare breed of guys who get sexier as they age!!!!!!

  4. VERY interesting perspective from the person who sent you that message. I always love people who can turn a writing concept inside-out. it's like taking vers/tops and wearing that azz out so good that all they wanna do is bottom for you on all future hookups, LOL.

    Ian, we know that you're more than your physical display; if you weren't there wouldn't be a blog authored by you or a need for it. When people are focused on going for self, people who aren't will constantly try to distract them with their own selfish iniquities and mask it with the idea that "you shouldn't be so conceited."

    But guess what: they don't matter. At all, LOL. Keep doin you mane :-) !

    Jay aka @ProdigalSun_012

  5. Ian,
    As always, I must preface by saying that while I wouldn't have used his words, I appreciate his sentiment. You are an intelligent, deeply attractive and inspirational man, and I love you all the more for it.
    Second, it's a joy to know you and watch you develop! All those who know you know that you are much more than an endowment (which is no insult to that gift, mind). And we know that as always, you will go from strength to strength!

    And how exciting! A new position!

  6. I know you had sum rough times when you first moved to New York from Chicago, but never doubted that you were gonna make it. I'm so proud and so happy for you.
    Much love and success pa!
    This is just the begining ...

  7. Madd props to you Ian even though you had some set back in glad that you're bouncing and moving your day back to the top thats whats up!!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Funny, I hate you for all the same reasons. Seriously though you know you are one of my fav followers on twitter for this and so many more reasons.

  10. You are an inspiration for all because at any age we can achieve our dreams and broaden our horizons. Keep up the great work and cant wait to see what the future holds.

  11. I could NEVER hate Mr. Rock. One of my fathers in this life. Gotta Love him!

  12. As always, It is great to hear from Daddy Rock...or Ian the Conquerer...I has been my favorite since coming into this lifestyle! I will most certainly be reading frequently! Love you Ian!


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