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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The "ONYX" Blog..

Again u've asked, I've listened; through various emails, my other web pages, social networks and even in person, what/who is ONYX? I referenced them several times in past blogs and have emphasized their "brotherhood" has been an integral part of my adaptation back to NYC and getting through my injury. You will also soon find they've had a significant influence in the "changing" of the name of my "other head".

But, I don't want to get too wordy; I asked the Secretary/Treasurer/Historian Elect of our "chapter" of Onyx(OnyxNY/NE) to provide me with a coherent and brief statement that could best explain exactly what Onyx is and is about and how it benefits specifically, a "man of color"...and I use the singular sense of the word because one of the main things this organization has taught me is the "journey is individual and personal"...

At any rate I've copied and pasted his statement as I didn't think it needed any "Baby J"; I also have a personal relationship with him as he is my "mentor" and "big/lil" bro who recruited/interested me in joining the club, the chapter here in NYC. OnyxNE/NY and all the chapters(OnyxMA; OnyxSE; and the founding chapter in Chicago, Onyx)are a very diverse range of people, with different careers, dreams, family structures, heights, weights, ages, etc; I have a brother "Raw Leather Daddy"(blog featured in right column) who of course authors a blog and as well, is seeking to start his own porn company; he is my brother in the OnyxSE chapter. I have a "son" who I referenced did my new photos, feature on my past two blogs and on Twitter, who is a budding and talented photographer as well as a porn model: "1stSon"/Egypt/FetiishFotografee, Inc.); many members involved, all around. So without anymore delay is the statement I spoke of and all the contact info you would possibly need if u have genuine interest:

We are a Brotherhood of Men of Color (and their friends) who are active members of the Leather Community and practitioners of BDSM/Fetish and the Leather arts. We are working and educating about our community. safety, and history to help other men who are interested and/or established community members work to make these practices, not separate from, but safely become integrated into our lives as Men of Color without shame or judgement.

Onyx NY/Northeast seeks to provide community, education, and support to our members, our potential members, and the general population to achieve these ends. In doing so, we seek to secure a greater voice, and a larger presence in the Leather Community.

Our chapter is one of four chapters (Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City), with one more in the process of forming in San Francisco. Onyx was organized in 1995 by five Men of Color active in the Leather, Fetish, and Kink Community in the Chicago area. ONYX has had a long standing reputation within the Leather Community with members nationwide and internationally. We are the longest existing Leather club for People of Color and are known for our hospitality and our infamous annual ONYX Leather Dance at International Mr. Leather Weekend in Chicago. ONYX celebrates it's anniversary each Columbus Day Weekend with the ONYX BlackOut Weekend Run which will be held here in NYC in 2012.

ONYX has always been involved in charity work. The chapters, Great Lakes/Midwest, Southeast, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, all are involved in contributing back to the Leather, GLBT and People of Color communities. HIV prevention and care organizations and those that aid youth have always been of note. All who support our cause may become members of ONYX.

To keep up with Onyx Northeast you can follow us at the following sites:

Twitter: OnyxNYC
Facebook Community Page: Onyx NY/Northeast
Facebook Profile Page:
Websites: (National), (New York Chapter)
Phone: (347)56-KINK-1
Yahoo Group:
Tumblr Blog:

President: "Doc" Hoskins
Vice President: Daddy Richard
Pledge Master/Road Captain: Damian Parra
Secretary/Treasurer: "Baby J" (Marshall)

Alwayz kepn it xexi!

Rock's Rhetoric:
"Haters don't hate you; they hate themselves because you're a reflection of who and/or what they want to be."


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about our brotherhood on your blog! It is great to be brothers with you. Come join us men.

    - John John / Road Captain

  2. This was a cool entry Bro. Irock! Sorry we missed seeing you at Blackout! next time. Bro. KG - Onyx - Midwest/Chicago - PledgeMaster


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