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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day & Such..

Although to be honest, it's never been that big a deal to me. I mean "love" or even I believe "like" should be celebrated, cherished, exercised, everyday. But then again, is it so wrong to have a day that is pretty much about the most positive of emotions directed at and toward each other..hmm?

Philosophy class over: I guess what's really making me write this on this "Valentine's Day" is because of the profound "loss" we have all, and the immediate families moreso, experienced in the past few days and months. These "Heroes", these "Legends" are now gone; all had their ups and downs yet all at least for me, profoundly changed my opinions, views and outlook on a lot of things.
So it's Valentine's Day; and before any of us, God forbid, lose anyone else of fame or not? Take a minute, take an hour, hell take an afternoon to say to someone "I love you"..."I Care for you"..hell, even jus dry ole: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY(If u just can't be original...damn) but something, say it with it comes...wait 4 it:
POSITIVE...ahhhh, feels good!!

My Personal Heroes as well, some of yours:

B gud ya'll;
Alwyz kepn it xexi!!

Rock's Rhetoric:
"The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing at all"

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