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The NEW: "Daddy Cane"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Change? New Name!!

Hey peoples; Happy 2012 and all that jazz!
Listen, this is going to b a short but important post as I've got A LOT coming up in the next few months, so my blogs will increase even tho, my workload will also increase.

So..down to business:
My last blog talked about "new" things; one of the first things I've decided is a renaming of my "friend"; my "other head"; in the past he was known as:


Now, due to events that have relatively recently occurred(reference Archive Post: "I Almost Died"), and my "racing stripe of new skin", which btw has literally and figuratively grown on me(get it? "grown on me"? Chuckle; Smirk); I am renaming him:

**Not in anyway affiliated or associated to any other entity/personality/thing of similar name and spelled differently; "Legaleeze" for "leave me the hell alone; I ain't did nothing wrong!

There it is..not a whole lot but will make more sense soon as yes, new pictures AND new flicks will be out!! You've all been asking, I'm now showing you without a doubt, that I listen so again, stay tuned and I'm sure you've noticed the different photos here throughout this blog. They were taken by one of my "kidz" & actually, a great photographer with his new business of photography operating under the name:

(different, kinky..nice name)

Very soon, this photo shoot done on a blustery day in the heart of Harlem, will be the feature photos on my Model Mayhem page(link found at bottom of blog under...duh: LINKS). Once those pics are up, all his contact info will be displayed as he welcomes new business and gets started!! He is also a fellow member of OnyxNY/NE(whole blog about that coming soon; because again, "you asked")...promise you guys, I listen!
Until then, these photos are a little tease and as well, he is my selected photographer for the first public pictures of the fully healed, newly striped, "Daddy"' real soon~

**New blog pics also courtesy of Fetiishfotografee, Inc.**

"Daddy Cane"
Alwyz kepn it xexi!

Rock's Rhetoric:
Sometimes the best way to grab a person's attention? Stop giving them your attention. #CatchIt

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  1. Anonymous8.2.12

    so you mean we will be getting some new video footage very soon of you in front of the camera, topping??!!!


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